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32 659 MW Coal Power Plant Ready Built

on January 9, 2011

Jakarta – PT PLN (Persero) estimates the construction of coal-fueled power plants across Indonesia in the next 10 years will reach 32,659 MW.

About 30% of that capacity will be a mine mouth power plant that uses lignite coal is mostly located in Sumatera.

Based on data from the General Plan of Electricity Supply (RUPTL) PLN years 2010-2019 cited detikFinance, Tuesday (13/07/2010), coal-fired power plant designed to carry the base load because fuel prices are relatively low compared to most other fossil fuel prices .

However, coal combustion produces carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming effects, in addition to polluting particles and chemicals that can damage the local environment.

“Thus the development of coal-fired power plants must consider the environmental impact it creates,” says that data.

In the development of steam power plant (power plant), Supercritical boiler technology use is highly recommended because it produces fewer emissions for each kWh of electricity it produces, in addition to the use of electrostatic precipitator and flue gas desulphurization is also highly recommended.

“clean coal technology are more advanced, such as IGCC (integrated gassification combined cycle). and CCS (carbon capture & storage) has not been planned in this RUPTL,”explained the data.

PLN admit, the main obstacle faced by SOEs was about coal power is security of supply.
Security of supply of coal is largely determined by government policy on domestic market obligation (DMO) and the limitation of domestic prices, in addition to the readiness of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, docks, and transportation equipment are still limited, especially preparation for the acceleration of the 10,000 MW project

In addition, infrastructure readiness issues require serious attention from all parties for the available coal in the mines to get to the plant as planned.

This is my opinion about the electricity of coal

Is that if indeed the use of coal is not good for the environment and our earth, then the government should have to think about it anymore.
many issues of global warming in recent years we must realize that it is very dangerous and threaten our survival. so we should not add gas emissions from our country that causes global warming because the use of coal electricity.
not only because they cost less coal electricity, and government use it. must be based on proper research on the feasibility for the environment so as not to harm the people and even our own earth.

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