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Tips For Learning English Easily

on November 8, 2010

In the era of globalization, English has become an international language. So we should be able to use English in everyday. I have got some tips to learn English easily.

  1. First, we do not be afraid to speak English. Although our grammar and our vocabulary are still wrong, it does not matter, importantly we’ve tried it.
  2. Second, we can learn English by reading newspapers or books with the English language. We can find a vocabulary that we do not understand. We can underline any words that we are not understood. Then we can find the meaning of the word from the dictionary. When we we’ve found the meaning, read again the article or the English book until we understand what we are reading. Or we can also learn from the film that uses the English language. And do not change the subtitle to the Indonesian. We can watch the film, and try to understand and find meaning from the difficult vocabularies. With this tips we can more easily to remember the difficult word. And we can also learn the grammar from their dialogue.
  3. Third, we can use technology–in this tips is the internet–to communicate or chatting with the other people in the world who use English in daily. We can directly talk with that person, so we can practice from here, because we can not learn English without practicing.

Okay, this is the tips that I can give to you in learning English easily. I hopefully can be useful.



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