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The Most Ideal Method in Learning English on Classroom

on November 8, 2010

Hi people, I have some ideal method in learning English on classroom, this is it :

  1. First, we must consider the teacher who was explaining a lesson. Especially if the content being taught about grammar, we should really pay attention to understand.
  2. Second, do not forget to write explanations from the teacher in a notebook. The note can be seen later that when will the final exam, even can survive until whenever, because until many years into the future, English lessons will remain the same theory.
  3. Third, do not be afraid to speak English, it doesn’t matter if we are wrong to speak English, because we are still learning. Instead of the mistakes we can understand the lesson.

May be this is only the method that I can give to help you learn English in class.

Don’t be doubt to practice it.  Who knows it can be affective.



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